Countdown to ATATN: 3 Reasons I Like AEITA’s Love Triangle

Today is proof that I cannot be trusted with any degree of responsibility. Why, you ask? Because I almost forgot to write this post today, since Danielle isn’t here to remind me on Twitter. She’s off having fun this weekend (and probably praying that I will remember to do the thing I promised to do). BUT. At least I didn’t actually forget. I’m here, three days away from ATATN, with another AEITA post.

In case you haven’t noticed, Danielle and I are taking this whole countdown idea very literally: we started with 5 Reasons We Love Laia, next came 4 Reasons We Love Elias, and now we’re talking about love triangles. Like, we’re literally counting down with our blog posts titles. Get it??? I’m really proud of us on this one.

Anyway, the love triangles. Get out your rulers and compasses and whatever those triangle measure-y things are called (I don’t know, I literally almost failed Geometry in high school, okay?).

Okay, so I’m just going to put this out there, because I’ve said it before on the blog, and I stand by it: I don’t really like love triangles in my books. I usually feel like they’re very forced and contrived, mostly because usually the characters’ relationships are unrealistic. Yes, I am definitely subtweeting Twilight right now, because I watched the second Breaking Dawn movie the other night and was reminded of how literally WEIRD the end of that series is. And also because, @Jacob Black, honestly, what r u doing?

BUT. But but but.

I kind of actually dig the love triangle in AEITA.

(Do the youths these days still say “dig”? I am 100% not hip enough to know. I am probably actually negative hip.)

Behold, Three Reasons I Actually Like AEITA’s Love Triangle:

  1. This book is not about love triangles. I know this sounds like it doesn’t make any sense. But this book is not even really about love. It’s about survival and sacrifices and loyalty and morals. A love triangle just happens to be a part of these bigger ideas. And it’s not even an intense, fully-defined love triangle. It’s more of like, “here are the two major figures in Elias’s life right now, and you can decide how you perceive their relationships with Elias.” I like that ambiguity, especially in the first book of a series. But, I confess, I am looking forward to seeing how Elia’s relationships with both Helene and Laia transform through the rest of the series.
  2. Neither Laia nor Helene are very obviously better matched with Elias. I did find myself rooting for Laia, but I found that I would still be satisfied if Elias ended up with Helene. Laia and Helene are both unique. They complement Elias in very different ways, and represent almost opposing facets of his personality. And I feel like this is really relevant to real life. Like, my different friend groups highlight different parts of my personality (I’LL SAY THE WORD “DIFFERENT” AS MANY TIMES IN ONE SENTENCE AS I WANT, OK), and I feel like Laia and Helene do that for Elias. And in a novel, I feel like this is really valuable in creating a well-rounded character.

(Pause because my dog is sticking her butt in my face and trying to get me to pet her)

  1. There’s no cattiness or aggression. (I mean, besides that leeeeeettle part at the end where Helene is trying to help Elias kill Laia. But I’m choosing not to count that, because it’s not like Helene was like “HEY you know what would be really fun and a great way to spend some time? Killing Laia because she’s trynna steal my man.”) I don’t remember finishing AEITA with any feelings of bitterness towards either Laia or Helene, because I feel like they’re both mature and not petty.

And that’s a wrap on the love triangles in AEITA. Tune back in tomorrow for Danielle’s post about something involving the number 2 (apparently I am an actual toddler because as soon as I reread this sentence I immediately went to potty jokes) and AEITA. And get hyped for A Torch Against the Night.

Oh, and just because I spent this post trying to be very diplomatic about which pair I ship, let me just finish this post with a very passionate declaration LAIA AND ELIAS 4EVER. Ok bye.

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