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The Raven Cycle

Somewhere that I get a lot of book recommendations is, oddly enough, my Tumblr dashboard. I say oddly because I don’t actually follow any Tumblr book blogs. But these people that I follow for other reasons also tend to have really great taste in books! So recently I started seeing all these pretty and hipster… Continue reading The Raven Cycle


The Selection

Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day! I hope y’all had a wonderful day filled with lots of chocolate! Libby and I celebrated our singleness with a best friends brunch date and thrift store book shopping. Look at all our food! Aside from consuming massive amounts of potatoes on Saturday with Libby, I’ve spent most of this weekend catching… Continue reading The Selection


Versatile Blogger Award

We’ve been nominated by the wonderful Danielle for the Versatile Blogger Award, which is a very exciting moment here at The Excellent Library. So the challenge is to share seven facts about yourself and then pass it on. Since there’s two of us, we decided to switch it up a little – we’re writing the seven facts about each… Continue reading Versatile Blogger Award