Countdown to ATATN: The One Scariest Part of AEITA

You guys, we are just one sleep away from having A Torch Against the Night in our hands. Tomorrow it shall be mine FOREVER.

Anyway, this post’s a short one, half because it’s 11 o’clock right now and I’m ready for bed, and half because we only have one day left in the countdown.

So here we go: The One Scariest Part of AEITA


No. There is not.

So here’s the complete list:

  1. The Commandant (I always feel like I’m spelling this wrong so if I am sozzz) is the scariest person in this book. I feel like I probably don’t need to explain this further if you read the book, but I will anyway, because if there’s one thing book bloggers like to do, it’s force people to listen to them talk about their favorite books. SO. The first scene that comes to mind to illustrate exactly how effed up the Commandant is is when she whips a 10-year-old kid to death. This is like, one of the scenes I remember the most vividly from this book, because it’s SO MESSED UP. She also pokes 5-year-old’s eyes out, talks to supernatural things, and keeps pictures of the people she’s killed. So yeah, she’s obviously a real peach.

So I’m going to go to sleep tomorrow, because the sooner I sleep means the sooner tomorrow will come (did that sentence make sense to anyone other than me?). We’ll talk again tomorrow, when the world is a brighter place because ATATN exists.

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