We Need to Talk About Kevin

Greetings from cold and windy Missouri, where the picture above is making me sad. Look at the green grass! And bare legs! And sunshine!!!!!!! I’m ready for summer now, please. Aaaaaaaaaanyway, we need to talk about We Need to Talk About Kevin (cue the courtesy laugh now, please). This book was part of my interminable and ongoing… Continue reading We Need to Talk About Kevin

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I’ll Give You the Sun

On Saturday Allie made the drive to my house so we could exchange Christmas presents (books, of course) and bake cookies. She walked in the door with wrapped book-shaped things in her hand, carried them into the kitchen, glanced at a table with a pile of books lying on it, and starting yelling “No!” at… Continue reading I’ll Give You the Sun

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Anna Karenina

The literary stars have aligned today (and by today I mean like three weeks ago when I actually wrote this post). This morning, I watched that episode of Gilmore Girls where Rory makes Dean read Anna Karenina, and he’s like “all the characters have the same names,” which made me even more annoyed by him and his bad hair. Then in… Continue reading Anna Karenina


Winter Reads

According to Google, winter hasn’t started yet (this is news to me. Google has also informed me that Winter is the name of a 9-year-old dolphin in Florida, which is also news to me). But that’s okay, because according to your super awesome book bloggers whose opinions are infinitely more important than Google’s fact-based information, it snowed… Continue reading Winter Reads


Holiday Gift Ideas

It’s finally December. The season of stressful finals,seasonal Starbucks drinks, and frantic Christmas shopping. But fret not. Your favorite book bloggers are here to save your gift-giving with a wonderful list of present ideas. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green: For the teenager who doesn’t like reading. I love giving books to people, but sometimes it’s… Continue reading Holiday Gift Ideas

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Wuthering Heights & Northanger Abbey

Last fall, Libby and I were both freshmen at different colleges and decided to start a cyber book club between the two of us to stay in touch. We thought it would be a fantastic idea to start the club with a book neither of us was brave enough to tackle alone: Wuthering Heights.  This is what I would call… Continue reading Wuthering Heights & Northanger Abbey